Telephony Trade-In

What are my current telephone handsets and systems worth?

Alternative Telephone Solutions are able to offer you a unique, current evaluation of your existing telephone system and handsets, whereby, you can offset the sale price of your old equipment against new.

In today’s fast moving telecommunications arena, the sale of your old equipment should enable you to receive funding for the old equipment. Here at ATS, we will buy your current telephone system whilst you still have it in use. Furthermore, on larger size applications we will also attend site/offices to evaluate the sell on value of your current telephone system.

ATS cannot be held responsible for current market price fluctuations, etc. However, in an ideal world we can buy your existing telephone system and handsets a month/6 weeks before your new install takes place.

ATS are also associated with resellers of new telephone systems and handsets, including hosted network solutions. Upon receiving your request, we can arrange for one of our associated partners to visit your premises for initial discussions